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Play is both powerful and essential.

Did you enjoy playing as a child?

Did harrowing adventures send you home with battle scars you earned conquering the hill? Or, did the your imaginary world lull you to sleep as you dreamed of tomorrow’s quest?

Choice. Risk. Imagination. Time to play.

That was how play used to be.

Children of today live high-stressed, play-deprived lives. They’re expected to become competent, responsible adults with little real life experience to think independently or opportunity to try, fail, and learn from their mistakes. With heavy doses of technology, relationships are more imaginary than reality. Play gives children the real life experience they need to develop fully. Plus, it’s fun.

Play is both powerful and essential. Adults are the gatekeepers to play for children, but many of them don’t know the necessity of play or how to encourage it. That’s why Pure Play Every Day, Inc. exists.